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    Agilent 8753ES
    Network Analyzer, 30kHz to 3GHz

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: Agilent 8753ES
    Manufacturer: Agilent Agilent 8753ES
    Model: 8753ES
    Category: Network Analyzer
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : Agilent 8753ES Technical Specification

    Description Of Agilent 8753ES
         The Agilent 8753ES vector network analyzer allows complete characterization of RF components. The 8753ES includes an integrated synthesized source, test set and tuned receiver. The built-in S-parameter test set provides a full range of magnitude and phase measurements in both the forward and reverse directions. Built-in vector accuracy enhancement techniques include full two-port calibration, adapter-removal and TRL/LRM calibration.

    Features Of Agilent 8753ES
  • 30 kHz to 3 or 6 GHz
  • Up to 110 dB of dynamic range
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Two measurement channels
  • Four display channels
  • Frequency and power sweeps
  • Fast sweep and data transfer speed
  • Pass/Fail testing, powerful marker functions
  • Electronic calibration (ECal)
  • Internal automation with test-sequencing
  • Time-domain, harmonics measurement, configurable test set, delete test set, and 75 ohm options

  • Specification Of Agilent 8753ES
    Frequency Accuracy +/- 10 ppm
    Frequency Range 30 kHz - 3 GHz
    Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
    Output Impedance 50 ohms
    Output Power Range -85 dBm - +10 dBm
    Output Resolution 1.0 dB
    Type Vector Network Analyzer

    Rent, Buy and Calibration Service for Agilent 8753ES
    Model/OptionsDescriptionRent Buy
    8753ES Network Analyzer(30 kHz to 3 GHz) Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-002 Add harmonic measurement capability Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-003 30 kHz to 3 GHz
    8753ES-006 30 kHz to 6 GHz
    8753ES-010 Add time domain capability Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-011 50 Ohm without test set
    8753ES-014 Test set extended configuration, receiver access
    8753ES-075 75 Ohm standard test set Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-0B0 Do not include any printed manuals
    8753ES-0BV Component level information (CLIPS)
    8753ES-0BW Service documentation, assembly level Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-1CM Rack mount kit for installation without handles
    8753ES-1CP Rack mount kit for installation with handles
    8753ES-1D5 High stability frequency reference Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-311 Material for combo of options 011 and 003
    8753ES-5B1 Add extra English manual for 8753ES Option 011, VNA without test set
    8753ES-611 6 GHz without test set (combo 006 and 011) Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-700 Test set standard configuration
    8753ES-800 Include all standard manuals
    8753ES-911 Add service guide for 8753ES opt. 011 Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-AB0 Taiwan- Chinese manual set
    8753ES-AB1 Korea - Korean manual set
    8753ES-AB2 China - Chinese manual set Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-ABD Germany - German manual set
    8753ES-ABF France - French manual set
    8753ES-ABJ Japan - Japanese manual set Price for E8753ES
    8753ES-H68 6.8 GHz frequency range
    8753ES-RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product
    8753ES-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data

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